Klima’s beta goes live — see what’s inside

Klima starts today with an invite-only beta for Android and iOS. Want to be a part of this? Learn more and sign up today.

It’s been a busy year since Jonas, Andreas, and I decided it was time to kick off Klima. After a decade of partnering on tech-for-good, we decided it was time to focus on the greatest challenge of our generation: stopping climate change in its tracks.

Since then we’ve tested and refined our concept, learned and iterated, grown an experienced and solid team, and built a product we’re proud of. 

The result is Klima, an app that puts effective climate action in the palm of your hands. How does it work? In a nutshell, you calculate your carbon footprint and support science-backed projects that take down or prevent the same emissions elsewhere. Then you follow your impact in real time, learn how to reduce your overall footprint sustainably and inspire others.

Today we’re excited to launch Klima’s invite-only beta for Android and iOS. If you’re already on the waitlist, keep an eye out for your invite email. If not, then sign up below to get early access to Klima.

What to expect: Carefully crafted features

We’ve designed and coded our hearts out to build an app that we hope you’ll love. Here’s just a few of the features that we’re excited to share:

feature: carbon calc

We built a natural language carbon calculator to quickly and easily measure your footprint. Cool, right?

feature: impact tracker

Every gram of carbon saved is a win. With Klima, you can track, quantify, and celebrate your impact — in real time.

feature: personal milestones

We’ll let you know when you’ve reached your next milestone — and help you share it with the world.

feature: project portraits

You’ll hear from our project partners on the ground as they plant trees, build solar panels, and provide clean cookstoves thanks to your offsets.


We’ll share tips to reduce your carbon footprint based on your lifestyle.

The beginning of a movement

When you join Klima, we hope you’ll see how hard we’ve worked to pack delight into every pixel. Because at the end of the day, tackling a problem like climate change requires a mass movement towards carbon neutrality — and that means making Klima a joy to use.

Next up? We’ll keep improving. As we onboard our first users throughout the summer, we’ll learn from their experiences, listen to their feedback, and elevate Klima with every iteration. We’ll work hard to keep the whole experience rooted in impact transparency and shareability, so you can easily see the difference your offsets make and inspire others to join you.

We’ll also share important updates and announcements with you here and in our newsletter. We’ll keep growing the Klima community and learning as we go. We’ll highlight climate news and tips to reduce your footprint. We’ll celebrate every new user, because every footprint we take off the planet brings us one step closer to a climate clean world.

And now, we’ll get back to work. 

— Markus Gilles, Co-Founder and CEO

Are you ready to join a mass movement for carbon offsetting? Download Klima from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Take climate action with Klima

Markus Gilles
by Markus Gilles
CEO & Co-Founder
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