We believe in individual action, and collective impact.

Millions of people want to take climate action, but don’t know how. We created Klima to make personal action radically easy and unleash an additional force in the fight against climate change.
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The problem

The emissions gap

The climate crisis is the biggest challenge of our lifetime, affecting all 8 billion people around the globe. And yet, the governments of the world have not pledged enough action to keep global warming at 1.5 degrees, leaving an “emissions gap” that puts us on a pathway to dangerous levels of global warming.

What we can do together

Here’s the thing: 72% of CO2 emissions are addressable by consumer behavior. That doesn’t mean we are to blame for this. But it does mean that we have power! Individual action has a truly gigantic potential in the fight against global warming. Klima’s mission is to unleash that potential and empower millions to act as a united force for the planet.
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Our story

With experience in both the NGO and startup worlds, and after collaborating on a variety of projects already, we founded Klima to answer a question that kept plaguing each of us, since our respective climate “wake-up” moments: “I am just one person – what can I even do?”

After a year of research, learning and drafting, Klima is our offer for everyone that, like us, wants to do their part.
Our founders Markus Gilles, Jonas Brandau, and Andreas Pursian-Ehrlich.
  • 2013 ✨Markus, Jonas, & Andreas met while working on different sustainability projects. They fell in love with developing consumer software as a way to get inventive ideas into the world and created a bunch of apps over the years.
  • 2019 💚After many idea iterations, and with the help of an old friend, Klima was founded in a 9 square meter office in Berlin where we got to work on our first prototype.
  • 2020 - today 🌳One beta phase later, Klima was launched in selected countries in December 2020. By now, the team has grown to about 30 people from 5 continents with 50% female leadership. The app is available worldwide and gets a little bit better every day.

Klima in numbers

  • 100,000Contributionsmade through the app
  • >100,000Tons CO2eneutralized
  • 74Countrieswith Klima users
  • 4.5Stars ratingon the App Store

A mission-driven team

We’re a team of mission-driven designers, engineers, and changemakers, united by one goal: Making a dent in the fight against global warming.
  • LeandroLeandro FavarinMobile Lead
  • LauraLaura TissotProduct Manager
  • BenBen Dog Department
  • JuliaJulia MüllerChief of Staff
  • MitjaMitja ThomasPartnerships & Growth
  • TabeaTabea MoockPeople and Culture Specialist
  • ChrisChris OrrSenior Backend Engineer
  • FeliciaFelicia IsolaHead of Partnerships
  • DariaDaria KulemetievaCommunity Engagement Manager
  • NicolettaNicoletta MaestriniLead Communications Manager
  • MarkusMarkus GillesCEO & Co-Founder
  • FredFred PorciúnculaSenior Android Engineer
  • EugeneEugene AstashevichSenior Backend Engineer
  • JędrzejJędrzej KaminskiSenior QA Engineer
  • MiguelMiguel PlanckensteineriOS Engineer
  • JonasJonas BrandauCPO & Co-Founder
  • MelanieMelanie ReisigSenior Accountant
  • ClaireClaire MüllerHead of Finance
  • VanessaVanessa ThauBusiness Development Intern
  • AndreasAndreas PursianCTO & Co-Founder

Join the team!

We launched Klima to empower millions to act as one united force for the planet. Sounds like something you could get behind? Join our mission – we’re looking for people like you.

Open positions:

    We don’t have any open positions at the moment. Please check back later!
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