Empowering millions to act on climate change

Climate change forces us to think big. That’s why we’re building Klima. Learn about our vision to turn carbon neutrality into a mass movement and how you too can take effective, immediate climate action.

Our planet is still on fire. While media attention is understandably focused on Covid-19 right now, global warming remains the most important challenge of our lifetime: The last decade was the hottest in recorded history, and we're now at a rate of one climate crisis disaster per week.

The good news: Even during the pandemic, climate change awareness rose to new all-time highs. Millions want to take action and teams around the world continue to work on innovative solutions. Today, we’re proud to announce our contribution.

Introducing Klima

Launching this summer, Klima gives you an effective way to take immediate climate action by wiping your carbon footprint off the planet.

How does it work? Klima makes it easy to calculate your footprint and understand the climate impact of your lifestyle. You can then support science-backed projects that remove or prevent the same emissions elsewhere. By planting biodiverse tropical forests, turning the Saharan sun into green energy, or supporting other successful climate initiatives, you’ll measurably reduce CO2e emissions around the globe and neutralize your own footprint. Pretty cool.

Our mission

Millions of us worldwide are eager to take climate action but aren’t sure how. The good news? Carbon offsetting is one of the most effective ways for individuals to reduce net emissions and has a massive potential for scale.

Until now, offsetting tools have either lacked the transparency or usability necessary for widespread adoption. We’re building Klima to close that loop, with a carbon neutrality app that is simple, transparent, and lovable.

With Klima, we’re setting out to unlock individual climate action at scale and empower millions to act as one united force for the planet!

Your impact

Impact transparency is one of our core guiding principles. Klima allows you to see directly and in real-time what positive effect your commitment has on the planet and how that impact grows. You’ll even learn how to live a more climate-healthy lifestyle along the way. The result is incredibly empowering and shows that every single action counts.

All projects on Klima have been carefully selected and screened. Their climate solutions rank among the most impactful worldwide, as identified by Project Drawdown. They meet the highest international quality standards for certified carbon offsetting like the Gold Standard, developed by WWF and other NGOs. 

On top of that, each project contributes to additional goals like combating poverty, promoting gender equality, or restoring wildlife habitats, under the Sustainable Development Goals framework by the United Nations.

Why you’ll love it 

We designed Klima to be impact-driven, effective, and data-backed, yes. But it’s more than that. It’s downright fun to use — and not just because we’re a fun-loving bunch (though we are). It’s because we knew that in order to really reach millions, we needed to make climate action enjoyable, inspiring, and rewarding.

When you offset your personal emissions, you’re putting a stake in the ground. You’re investing in a healthier climate, for yourself, for the world, and for future generations. That’s something exciting, interesting, and downright beautiful. And that’s exactly how it feels to use Klima.

We’re building a tool that keeps track of your achievements, because they ought to be celebrated and shared. A platform that sparks climate conversations, because we need to have more of those. A companion that helps you become more climate-healthy and inspires you to inspire others.

We’re creating Klima to build a better, safer, healthier future for us all. We're so proud to share it with you, and hope you'll be proud to use it.

Klima is now live for iOS and Android. Want to take immediate and effective climate action? Download Klima from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Take climate action with Klima

Brenna Foster
by Brenna Foster
Chief Comms
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