Make climate action part of your company culture with Klima for Teams

We're offering a new service to empower teams around the world to live sustainably. Here's how it works.

Earth Day 2022 was a special day for us. After months of hard work, our team launched Klima’s biggest update yet, featuring a new holistic version of the Klima app and a freshly-designed website.  

In just a few weeks, we’ve received lots of positive feedback and reactions, which is why we're so happy to make one more exciting announcement today: Meet Klima for Teams, our new offering for companies. 

What is Klima for Teams?

The goal of Klima for Teams is to help businesses embed climate action into their DNA, making sustainable living a core pillar of their company culture and uniting their workforce behind a common goal.

Here’s how it works: With Klima for Teams, companies can sponsor Klima subscriptions for their entire workforce as part of their benefit package, neutralizing their employees’ carbon footprints and educating them on how to reduce their emissions in the long term. 

Once the subscription starts, employees can connect to the Klima app to track both their own and their entire team's collective climate impact over time. Plus, team members can challenge themselves to reduce their emissions through the Klima app's Reduction Goals feature and Climate Class video series.

As for large teams of over 100 people, we also organize interactive climate action workshops — where the team can better understand how carbon offsetting works and which actions they can take to significantly cut their carbon footprints.   

What value does Klima for Teams bring to companies?

Over the last years, more and more companies have started addressing climate change at an operational level (for instance, by investing in ESGs and carbon accounting). At the same time, many of them miss making their strategic commitments a tangible experience for the very people that make up the company: their workforce. 

Klima for Teams isn’t only an opportunity to consolidate a company’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility. It also introduces meaningful and measurable climate action into the company culture, and empowers teams to measure their long-term progress and constantly challenge themselves to do more. In doing so, Klima for Teams brings more purpose to the workplace, which helps organizations attract, engage, and retain their talent — all while reducing CO2e emissions. 

Plus, to make it even easier for companies to track that impact, we’ve built a dashboard to conveniently manage employees’ offsets and watch their progress grow in real time. And since not everyone’s familiar with carbon offsetting, we also help companies educate their employees about how Klima works and how to use it most effectively.

Why did we launch Klima for Teams?

You may be wondering why we decided to launch an offering for companies after starting off as a consumer product. Well, Klima for Teams came to the world for two main reasons: First, from the very beginning, many of you wanted to bring climate action to your workplace and were asking for a team version of Klima. As you know, we always take our community’s feedback to heart and we all agreed this was a great idea to multiply the community's impact, so we decided to make this happen. Secondly, we strongly believe in the power of individuals to act as catalysts for systemic change, and when those individuals team up and take action collectively, that impact can multiply millionfold, creating a global wave of action. 

Our goal is to encourage small and large businesses alike to embed climate action into their guiding principles and empower their teams to be part of this change. Ultimately, we hope this will motivate more entrepreneurs to shift towards responsible business models and greener policies that create value for people and the planet.

Want to get your employer to take climate action?

If you think Klima for Teams could be of interest to your employer or your own business, send an email to or schedule a 15-minute intro call here.

Felicia Isola
by Felicia Isola
Head of Partnerships
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