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About Klima

Klima is a climate app that allows you to go carbon neutral immediately and sustainably. Klima helps you to offset your emissions, reduce your carbon footprint and multiply your climate impact. Here’s how:

  1. Offset: Calculate your carbon footprint. Then offset your emissions by supporting verified climate projects that remove or reduce the same emissions elsewhere.

  2. Reduce: Get personalized tips on how to live climate-healthy. Commit to impactful lifestyle changes and minimize your emissions one step at a time.

  3. Multiply: Inspire friends and watch your impact as a leader for change. See exactly how much CO2 is saved because of your advocacy and its multiplying effect.

Klima is about more than just personal carbon offsets. Our mission is to turn climate neutrality into a mass movement and unleash the power of individual action at scale.

That’s why we’ve not only created the most lovable and empowering user experience for carbon-neutral living, but also one that multiplies your impact by allowing you to invite your friends to start living carbon neutral today.

Think about it this way: The more people share their commitment to the climate, the more people join — and the more climate-conscious living will become the new normal. Everyone benefits.

Together, we can transform individual action into collective impact and make a measurable difference against the climate crisis.

Klima is a social startup from Berlin, with a growing team of mission-driven designers, engineers, marketeers, and changemakers from five continents. Together, we’re united by one goal: making a measurable dent in the fight against global warming. 

Klima was founded in 2019 by Markus Gilles, Jonas Brandau, and Andreas Pursian-Ehrlich. They first met 10 years ago while working for different sustainable development NGOs and have since founded several tech-for-good companies, aimed at promoting civil discourse, quality journalism, and women’s empowerment. They started Klima to commit their resources to the most important challenge of our lifetime — and empower others to do so as well.

Interested in joining the team? Check out our jobs page.

Our number one KPI at Klima is impact. More concretely: how we can take the most CO2 out of the atmosphere as quickly as possible — both individually and collectively. Every decision we make follows from that, especially how we use funds.

  • 70% of your contribution goes towards personal impact: directly supporting our amazing climate projects to compensate for your personal emissions. But if we stopped here, we would fail to address a systemic element of the climate crisis — which is that nobody can solve it alone. There are no island solutions. Our individual action becomes truly meaningful when we are many. That's why we guarantee that...

  • 20% is always invested in community building: growing our collective impact by reaching more people through online campaigning and communication. Every dollar we spend here has roughly six times more climate impact compared to offsets alone, because of the collective climate action it ignites. The remaining...

  • 10% is used to fund the development of Klima itself: researching, designing, programming, maintaining and improving the platform — and keeping the lights on while we’re doing it.

We’re not, and here’s why: We have years, not decades, to reverse global warming. This means we need to reach as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. In other words — we need to scale fast. 

One surefire way to do that? Put investment dollars into a robust, impact-first business model. That way we make sure to achieve the biggest climate impact we can.

Since December 2021, Klima is certified B-Corporation, a new kind of enterprise that balances business and purpose. After all, we consider the climate to be our biggest shareholder — and a healthy planet is the best dividend.

Absolutely! At Klima, we understand that neutralizing your emissions is the most effective thing that any of us can start doing in three minutes — but it's only the beginning.

The big goal is getting from “net-zero” to “real-zero” emissions. That's why we focus on helping you reduce your source emissions in a smart and sustainable way. 

The great news is that most things that are good for the climate are also good for your health (and wallet). Every time you reach a personal reduction milestone, you can reduce your offset amount, too.

About Offsets

We wrote a full blogpost about this here. Read on for a tl;dr:

We only choose projects from the most impactful climate solutions worldwide, as identified by Project Drawdown; a nonprofit that conducts rigorous assessments of climate solutions and represents a leading resource in our field.

Also, all our projects must meet the highest international quality standards for certified carbon offsetting, and are verified through the Verified Carbon Standard, or the Gold Standard developed by WWF and other NGOs.

On top of that, all our projects provide at least three additional benefits to their local communities that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These range from combating poverty, protecting endangered species, empowering female entrepreneurship, or advancing access to healthcare and education.

CO2e — or carbon dioxide equivalent — describes the global warming potential of all greenhouse gases. In other words, the impact of different greenhouse gases is expressed in terms of the amount of CO2 that would result in the same amount of warming. Put simply, CO2e gathers all greenhouse gases into one place. As human activities don’t only generate carbon dioxide, CO2e is a more accurate way to measure our emissions. If you'd like to learn more about this term, take a look here.

There is no single solution to stop climate change — it’s going to take creativity, dedication, and action from us all. Carbon offsetting is one big piece of that puzzle.

While political regulation or cleantech inventions can take decades to be implemented, offsetting allows you to take your footprint off the planet. right. now. That’s a big advantage and it’s why Klima starts here and then shares ways to reduce your footprint further.

We encourage the Klima community to adopt climate-healthy lifestyles and support political action to fight climate change. It's crucial that we work on every front, pushing for short-term and long-term solutions that make our societies carbon neutral.

We have structured Klima’s offset portfolio around three clear and crucial impact areas that we’ll all need to tackle in order to solve climate change in a sustainable, efficient, and just way. These three areas are 

  • Nature: planting trees

  • Tech: solar energy

  • Social: clean cookstoves

By combining natural, technological, and social solutions, we empower holistic climate action that revives our ecosystems, pushes green innovation, and benefits communities. You can read more here.

Impact transparency is one of our core guiding principles. Klima allows you to see directly and in real-time what positive effect your commitment has on the planet and how that impact grows. 

Not only do you get live updates on the overall CO2e you’ve reduced, we also break down to the individual unit where that reduction comes from, be it the number of trees planted, kilowatt-hours of green energy produced, or clean cooked meals provided by your support. Based on your input, you’ll even learn how to live a more climate-healthy lifestyle along the way. The result is incredibly empowering and shows that every single action counts.

We calculate your footprint based on precise lifestyle questions that we combine with a national baseline of the country you live in. This gets us a close estimate based on your individual circumstances and personal choices. 

All questions are designed for intuitive responses via a multiple-choice chat interface, and the setup takes about three minutes. Examples of questions include “What best describes your diet?”, “What kind of shopper are you?”, or “How many flights do you take per year?”

After the initial setup is complete, you can customize your footprint further by using the advanced calculator mode. This offers 38 additional questions for more granular results.

The CO2e numbers show the verified emission reductions as independently monitored and certified by our certifying partners (Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard).

The individual tree numbers are reported to us directly from your project developers, for Madagascar as direct counts, for Panama and Tanzania on a tree per ton basis over the project lifecycle.

The solar energy and meal numbers are calculated based on each project’s certified CO2e emissions and documented emission factor per unit (Mwh / stoves), adding in the case of cook stoves our own conservative calculations of meals per week per stove.

All final numbers are then discounted by 20% to be conservative. Real numbers are therefore likely higher.

Actually, the opposite is true. Studies show that people who offset their carbon emissions are more climate friendly in other parts of their lives, too. That makes sense: When you’re personally invested in a cause, you want it to succeed.

About Membership

We’re available in the Apple AppStore and Google Play store worldwide.

Your monthly offset subscription is personalized around your individual carbon footprint. When you recalculate your carbon footprint in the app, you can change your offset subscription accordingly.

No worries, if you delete the app or change devices, your offsets are still active and you’re still carbon neutral. After re-installing Klima, tap “login” in the upper right and sign in with the same method you used to create your account. Everything will be right where it should be.

We all hate when technology doesn’t do what it should. Crashes or freezes can happen for many reasons. Luckily, most of the time they can be fixed with some simple steps. Please try the following first:

  1. Check your internet connection.

  2. Force-quit and reopen the app. This often solves the issue.

  3. Make sure you have the most recent update of the app and operating system installed.

  4. Restart your device.

If none of this works, help us fix the problem by reporting your issue. Just go to Settings and tap “Contact us / Help”. Alternatively, you can write to us directly via Please include the following information:

  • What phone model and OS version did you use when the problem occurred?

  • How were you using the app when you received the error?

  • Provide screenshots if possible.

To change your payment information, simply go to Settings in the app, and tap on Subscription. At the bottom of the Subscription page, tap on your credit card number. Please note: if you've cancelled your subscription, you won’t be able to change your payment information.

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Of course. We’re committed to protecting your information and privacy and we will never sell your information to a third party. You can read our full data protection policy here.

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