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Three unbeatable solutions

With Klima, you fund three of the most crucial solutions for our climate. Let’s revive ecosystems, push green innovation, and support communities.

Plant trees

In order to avert a climate catastrophe, research shows we must take CO2e out of the atmosphere. Inventors around the world are working on big machines to suck carbon out of the air and capture it underground. Meanwhile, nature already built those machines for us: They’re called trees, and they are a crucial part of protecting our climate.

Our nature projects - click for more info:
  • Planting Biodiverse Forests
  • Community Tree Planting

Kickstart solar power

Let’s face it, our fossil fuel-based system needs an upgrade. Instead of spewing CO2e until we run out of dead dinosaurs to burn, we should go all-in on renewable technology now. That’s why solar is so important: It can bring electricity to millions while keeping fossil fuels in the ground.

Our solar projects - click for more info:
  • Harnessing the Saharan Sun
  • Concentrated Solar Power

Provide clean cookstoves

Nearly half of the world still cooks over open fires, which is bad for the planet and bad for human lives. Air pollution from inefficient wood-burning stoves contributes to millions of deaths each year. These clean cookstoves, developed with the community, burn efficiently with less fuel, protecting people and the planet.

Our cookstove projects - click for more info:
  • Improving Homes and Protecting Forests
Our promise
High quality carbon offsets
We source our offsets through a rigorous science-backed process. You can rest assured that every offset makes a measurable difference in the fight for our planet.
The solutions we support rank among the most effective ways to fight climate change, as identified by Project Drawdown.
Every emission reduction is measured and verified at the highest level by a trustworthy, independent third party.
All of our projects support community-based programs designed to help reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Verification Partners
Below are some of the questions we’re getting asked most.

Actually, the opposite is true. Studies show that people who offset their carbon emissions are more climate friendly in other parts of their lives, too. That makes sense: When you’re personally invested in a cause, you want it to succeed.

We wrote a full blog post about this here. Read on for a tl;dr:

We only choose projects from the most impactful climate solutions worldwide, as identified by Project Drawdown, a nonprofit that conducts rigorous assessments of climate solutions and represents a leading resource in our field.

Also, all our projects must meet the highest international quality standards for certified carbon offsetting, and are verified through the Verified Carbon Standard, or the Gold Standard developed by WWF and other NGOs.

On top of that, all our projects provide at least three additional benefits to their local communities that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These range from combating poverty, protecting endangered species, empowering female entrepreneurship, or advancing access to healthcare and education.

We have structured Klima’s offset portfolio around three clear and crucial impact areas that we’ll all need to tackle in order to solve climate change in a sustainable, efficient, and just way. These three areas are:

  • Nature: planting trees

  • Tech: solar energy

  • Social: clean cook stoves

By combining natural, technological, and social solutions, we empower holistic climate action that revives our ecosystems, pushes green innovation, and benefits communities. You can read more here.

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