Klima's big Earth Day update

For the past few months, we've been hard at work creating a new holistic version of the Klima app. Today, it’s finally ready for you to enjoy! Here’s a peek at the most important changes.

We’ve completely redesigned the three main tabs of the app with the goal of turning Klima into a holistic climate action app. You can now monitor how much CO2e you’ve neutralized in the Offset tab, learn how to reduce your carbon footprint in the Reduce tab, and watch your collective impact grow in the Multiply tab. You’ll also see that each tab now comes with its own cover, which displays key information about your progress. To see the details, simply swipe up.

Powerful new reduction features


In the Reduce tab, you can now easily update your carbon footprint with recent lifestyle changes. Plus, you’ll find some new features designed to help you shrink emissions, including personalized reduction goals.

Klima's Climate Class video series


We’re particularly excited about this one. The Reduce tab will now feature our first video series, where we share tips and tricks to manage different parts of your carbon footprint. Our goal is to equip you with science-based climate knowledge, so you can take green living into your own hands.

A new carbon certificate

In the Offset tab, you’ll see a new carbon offset certificate. This replaces our previous CO2e counter and can be saved on your cellphone. It’s a stepping stone on the way to one-time offsets, which will allow you to offset a flight or train ride. In the new payment log, you’ll also find an overview of your previous payments, including receipts.

A new offsetting strategy

Three unbeatable climate solutions

As announced in our email on March 1st, we can’t ignore the sharp rise in offset prices that the voluntary carbon offset market is seeing this year. As a result, we can no longer offer personalized offsetting strategies. That’s mostly due to the disproportionate price increase in each of the categories (e.g. nature-based projects went through the roof!) This new strategy will give us the planning flexibility we need to make smart investments across different project types, while keeping your offsets cost-effective and impactful.

We’ve also removed the three display metrics trees, solar power and cookstoves from the app experience, as they’re not compatible with the new approach anymore. You’ll be happy to know that all current projects will stay, and that all future projects will meet our strict selection criteria.

In-depth project pages

This new version of Klima comes with a revised project section, showing you the nitty-gritty of each project. This information is also accessible from the new Offset tab, so that these projects get all the visibility they deserve. It’s a great opportunity to take a closer look at what they do 😊.

A new, 2022 website


Last but not least, we've just launched our brand new website klima.com, and we’d love for you to take a quick peek around!

We hope you enjoy the new Klima. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please send an email to hi@klima.com.

Jonas Brandau
by Jonas Brandau
CPO & Co-Founder
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