The simple guide to cutting your carbon footprint

published Sep 08, 2020

Worried about the climate and want to do something about it? You’re not alone. Despite all the chaos of 2020, people are expressing record levels of concern about the climate — and companies, brands, and even countries are pledging to take action by going carbon neutral.

Here’s the thing: You don’t have to be a massive corporation or government to cut carbon and make a difference. You can shrink your footprint now — today — with a few simple actions. What’s more, you won’t just help the planet, you can also improve your health, save money, and feel good about living climate consciously. It’s a true win-win.

Wait — what even is my carbon footprint?

First, a refresher: The term ‘carbon footprint’ refers to the invisible, ever-growing cloud of greenhouse gases generated by our modern lifestyles. That includes carbon dioxide (where the name comes from), methane, nitrous oxide, and other gases that trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming.

Because we can’t see them, we often forget about them, but everyone’s individual carbon footprints are part of the problem. The latest science shows that we only have until 2050 to take global emissions to net zero to avoid major catastrophe. That means everyone, from governments to business to individuals, should cut as much carbon as possible as fast as possible.

We’re here to help — and to remind you that reducing your emissions doesn’t need to be a huge sacrifice. In fact, you might find that cutting carbon can actually improve your quality of life. Ready to see how? Let’s dive in.

Eat well

Step One: Eat well and eat it all

Three times a day you have a chance to shrink your footprint. That’s because every meal you eat has a carbon cost. Some are much lower or higher than others.

Change Up Your Commute

Step Two: Change up your commute

Transportation is a serious chunk of our emissions — on average it represents nearly a quarter of an American footprint. But with a few easy changes, you can get around with less CO2 and save some cash, too.

Travel the world

Step Three: Travel the world up close and personal

We’ll never tell you not to travel — it’s an incredible way to learn, grow, and appreciate the world around you. But the way you travel can have an immense impact on your footprint.

Shop smarter

Step Four: Shop smarter

This one’s simple: Buy things that last and use them for a long time. The more clothing, electronics, and stuff we purchase, the more resources we use and the more CO2 is pumped into our air.

Here are some ideas for shrinking your shopping footprint:

Offset the rest

Step Five: Offset the rest

The truth is, some carbon can’t be avoided, and big lifestyle and political changes can’t happen overnight. In the meantime, you can offset your entire carbon footprint with the click of a button.

With Klima (hi, that’s us!), you can calculate your carbon footprint and offset it by funding impactful climate projects that prevent or remove the same emissions elsewhere. That means you can live carbon neutral immediately, while you plan on reducing your footprint sustainably over time — and push for structural and political changes collectively.

The good news is that the climate crisis is solvable — with action and commitment from us all. When we can start with the simple stuff, we can take action right away, no waiting required.

Interested in offsetting your footprint? Sign up for early access to the Klima beta below.

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