Fight climate change with one powerful app.

Klima combines the most effective actions an individual can take to fight climate change today.
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Your holistic climate action strategy
We’ve developed an effective personal strategy for everyone who wants to take immediate and transformative climate action.
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    Offset the carbon emissions you can’t avoid yet, by funding high-quality and certified carbon offset projects.
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    Learn how to reduce your emissions by focusing on the lifestyle choices that have the highest carbon impact.
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    Multiply your impact by getting more people involved, because nobody can solve climate change alone.
Packed into a next-gen social impact app
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Apple awards for 'Featured app of the day', 'Apple Design Award' and 'Featured on Earth Day 2021'
  • Brings me peace
    5 stars
    Extremely fast and easy to set up. Explanations are quick to the point to explain how each project is impactful. Very transparent.
    @BrandenKhanvia App Store
  • Take control of your own carbon footprint
    5 stars
    This is a wonderful app and a great way to be climate conscious. Offsetting your carbon footprint is cheaper than you think and Klima makes it easy. 100% recommend.
    @LucianoE16via App Store
  • Amazing concept and app!
    5 stars
    I’m in love with this app and the concept and company behind it. It is so well thought out and executed 👏
    @sifbaldursvia App Store
  • So inspiring
    5 stars
    I’ve been waiting for something like Klima to come along for a long time: a straightforward way to cut my carbon emissions and track my progress. I really feel like I am making a difference. Because I am.
    @Dolson's Creekvia App Store
  • This is something great!
    5 stars
    This type of app allows people to be aware of their impact on the environment. It teaches you how you can adjust the small things and make a difference.
    @Elaw636via App Store
  • The most important app of this generation
    5 stars
    I’m so glad this app has been created at such an important time.
    @unfading1980via App Store
  • Such a great app for a great cause
    5 stars
    Super easy. Great interface. Allowed me to calculate my carbon footprint. For a small subscription they invest in projects that offset my carbon footprint - amazing. This is an easy way that I can do my part against climate change.
    @Mareenvia App Store
  • Awesome app everyone needs to use
    5 stars
    Unbelievably important app to help people become part of the solution not part of the problem
    @Swiss Tony On The Rocksvia App Store
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Calculate your personal carbon footprint

Find out what your carbon footprint looks like and easily understand the effects of your lifestyle. Featuring one of the most advanced and precise carbon calculators out there.

Offset the emissions you can’t avoid

Fund science-based climate solutions that remove or prevent carbon emissions on your behalf. All of our projects are certified with either the Gold Standard or the Verified Carbon Standard.

Reduce your emissions step by step

Featuring a powerful, personalized reduction guide and our Climate Class video series, Klima teaches you how to sustainably reduce your emissions by focusing on the lifestyle choices that really matter.

Multiply your impact and spark a movement

Nobody can solve climate change alone. Multiply your impact by getting more people involved. Klima will show you the collective impact of you and your friends — and even the friends of your friends.
Klima is different.
We make decisions based on the greatest impact for the climate. That’s why:
We’re serious about creating impact.
Certified B-Corp
B-Corps are a new kind of business that balance purpose with profit, and meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance. Learn more.
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Developed by a mission-driven team
We’re taking on an ambitious challenge — and we need a team to match. That’s why we’re gathering top talent from across the startup, business, NGO, and agency worlds to help us tackle climate change together. Learn more about our mission, vision, and the people behind your favorite climate app.
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You’ve got the questions, we’ve got the answers!

Actually, the opposite is true. Studies show that people who offset their carbon emissions are more climate friendly in other parts of their lives, too. That makes sense: When you’re personally invested in a cause, you want it to succeed.

We wrote a full blog post about this here. Read on for a tl;dr:

We only choose projects from the most impactful climate solutions worldwide, as identified by Project Drawdown, a nonprofit that conducts rigorous assessments of climate solutions and represents a leading resource in our field.

Also, all our projects must meet the highest international quality standards for certified carbon offsetting, and are verified through the Verified Carbon Standard, or the Gold Standard developed by WWF and other NGOs.

On top of that, all our projects provide at least three additional benefits to their local communities that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These range from combating poverty, protecting endangered species, empowering female entrepreneurship, or advancing access to healthcare and education.

Klima is a social startup from Berlin, with a growing team of mission-driven designers, engineers, marketeers, and changemakers from five continents. Together, we’re united by one goal: making a measurable dent in the fight against global warming. 

Klima was founded in 2019 by Markus Gilles, Jonas Brandau, and Andreas Pursian-Ehrlich. They first met 10 years ago while working for different sustainable development NGOs and have since founded several tech-for-good companies, aimed at promoting civil discourse, quality journalism, and women’s empowerment. They started Klima to commit their resources to the most important challenge of our lifetime — and empower others to do so as well.

Interested in joining the team? Check out our jobs page.

We calculate your footprint based on precise lifestyle questions that we combine with a national baseline of the country you live in. This gets us a close estimate based on your individual circumstances and personal choices. 

All questions are designed for intuitive responses via a multiple-choice chat interface, and the setup takes about three minutes. Examples of questions include “What best describes your diet?”, “What kind of shopper are you?”, or “How many flights do you take per year?”

After the initial setup is complete, you can customize your footprint further by using the advanced calculator mode. This offers 38 additional questions for more granular results.

There is no single solution to stop climate change — it’s going to take creativity, dedication, and action from us all. Carbon offsetting is one big piece of that puzzle.

While political regulation or cleantech inventions can take decades to be implemented, offsetting allows you to take your footprint off the planet. right. now. That’s a big advantage and it’s why Klima starts here and then shares ways to reduce your footprint further.

We encourage the Klima community to adopt climate-healthy lifestyles and support political action to fight climate change. It's crucial that we work on every front, pushing for short-term and long-term solutions that make our societies carbon neutral.

Klima is a climate app that allows you to go carbon neutral immediately and sustainably. Klima helps you to offset your emissions, reduce your carbon footprint and multiply your climate impact. Here’s how:

  1. Offset: Calculate your carbon footprint. Then offset your emissions by supporting verified climate projects that remove or reduce the same emissions elsewhere.

  2. Reduce: Get personalized tips on how to live climate-healthy. Commit to impactful lifestyle changes and minimize your emissions one step at a time.

  3. Multiply: Inspire friends and watch your impact as a leader for change. See exactly how much CO2 is saved because of your advocacy and its multiplying effect.

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