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Offset your carbon footprint,
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What if you could take climate action every single day

— and it was as simple as the tap of a button?

With Klima, you can. Live carbon neutral in four simple steps:

Step 1

Calculate your carbon footprint

It’s easy to measure your climate impact with our natural language chat tool. Just answer a few quick questions to learn how much CO2e you emit each year.

Step 2

Offset by funding climate projects

Support science-backed projects that remove or prevent the same amount of emissions elsewhere. You can choose from natural, technological, or social solutions — or support all three!

Step 3

See your climate impact grow

Our real time tracker shows you the impact of your offsets on the ground. Celebrate every milestone and share your achievements with the world.

And finally

Shrink your footprint further

Offsetting is a smart choice — but we help you go beyond. You can reduce your overall footprint sustainably, with personalized tips, ideas, and inspiration from our Climate Checklist.

What our users are saying

5 stars
One very happy user.
Proud to be on a journey towards carbon neutrality. Love this app!
@TylerCookseyvia App Store
5 stars
Beautifully simple. Wonderfully effective
Everyone should download and then make Klima part of the way they live. Power to you.
@RVRG74RTvia App Store
5 stars
Fantastic CO2 offsetting app
This is a great app, easy to handle and beautifully designed. Compensating my carbon footprint from now. 🙏
@iTomCGNvia App Store
5 stars
Brilliant app
A super simple way to offset your carbon footprint — runs in the background of your life. Amazing idea!
@The Glidervia App Store
5 stars
Great tech for a crucial problem
Super simple, easy, and useful for assessing my impact on the planet. Love this app ❤️
@Fenderblender4uvia App Store

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Why offsets?

A downright powerful climate solution

There’s no one single solution to climate change. But with offsets, we can all do our part. How? Offsets protect the natural world and build solutions for the future. That’s how we drive short-term reductions and long-term systemic change.
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Who we are

Our mission is a team effort

We’re taking on an ambitious challenge — and we need a team to match. That’s why we’re gathering top talent from across the startup, business, NGO, and agency worlds to help us tackle climate change together. Learn more about our mission, vision, and the people behind your favorite climate app.

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