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This fall, we've ticked off a ton of tasks on our Klima to-do list, making our offsetting app even smarter, smoother, and simpler to use.

This fall, we've ticked off a ton of tasks on our Klima to-do list, making our offsetting app even smarter, smoother, and simpler to use. What's that mean? Let’s dive in and have a look at everything you can expect from us for the rest of the year.

At Klima, we have one simple but ambitious goal: To give you the most beautiful and empowering tool to offset your carbon footprint. To achieve that, we’ve been busy refining and testing the core functionality of Klima, finding and squashing bugs, dreaming up new features, and celebrating the solid foundation our engineering team built from the ground up.

So, what's in store? 

iOS and Android Beta invites are rolling out

At the end of the summer, we invited our first beta users to try out our iOS and Android apps! We were so thrilled to finally share Klima with our community. Seeing the app in action and hearing your feedback was such a milestone for the whole team and the culmination of many months of hard work!

We’ve already sent invites to friends, family, and thousands of the awesome humans who signed up for early access. 

If you’re on the waitlist and still haven’t heard from us yet, please rest assured that we haven’t forgotten you! We’re inviting people on a rolling basis, so keep an eye on your inbox over the next few weeks. 

Now you can check the exact location of every project and see where your offsets come from.

The best offsets on the planet in the palm of your hand 

Every offset we offer is sourced from verified, measurable climate projects. So, when you go carbon neutral with Klima, you can rest assured that you're making a real difference for the planet.

But we don't want to just tell you about your impact — we want to show you. That's why we made a massive update to our projects pages to give you a better, simpler, and more powerful look at where your monthly subscription goes. You can now look forward to:

📍A map with the exact location of every project so that you can see where your offsets come from

📸 A photo carousel so that you can get an inside peek at every project and see what your offsets are accomplishing 

📊 A project in numbers snapshot so you can get a quick overview of trees planted, CO2e reduced, jobs provided, and more 

🏔 An ecological benefits checklist outlines all the valuable ways in which you help nature by funding each project 

🤲🏼 A social benefits checklist shows how you help local communities with things as diverse as university scholarships, workforce training, sustainable income, and so much more

Kudos to all of our amazing beta users who offered their ideas and insights. You folks are awesome 🙌

User interviews: You talk, we take notes 

We've been listening to beta users’ feedback over the past few weeks and you folks have been sharing tons of great ideas. Our Product Manager Rosa spent hours digging in with you, our beta users to understand what you love, would change, or are looking forward to in future versions of Klima. We have pages of notes and hours of tape chock-full of incredible ideas and insights.

We were pretty pumped to hear that for most of you, Klima has offered a great offsetting experience. You also loved that the app taught you about your carbon footprint. It helped you figure out how the heck you create all that CO2e and why certain activities cause more emissions than others. 

Some of you also suggested a new feature that’s a perfect fit: the option to share your carbon footprint with others as well as compare it with friends. The good news? More sharing features are already on the roadmap. 

Kudos to all of our amazing beta users who offered their ideas and insights. You've already helped push forward Klima tremendously — and, thanks to you, our roadmap for 2021 is full of exciting ideas. We can't wait to put them in action.

Thanks for reading and until next time, adios! 

If you’re excited about taking immediate and effective climate action and want to let your friends and family know too, share our work and download Klima from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store now! We can’t wait to have you on board.

Take climate action with Klima

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