The next big update

This April, Klima is getting a major update — becoming a holistic climate action app that goes far beyond offsetting.

When we launched Klima, about a year ago and only in a few countries, the app was simple but focused. Through a monthly subscription, users could fight back against climate change — by calculating and offsetting their carbon footprint. Their reward was carbon neutrality; served with realistic tips on reducing emissions. We were delighted to see how well this idea landed, even if it only felt like 10% of our final product vision. 

In the last year, we’ve steadily improved the app by adding important features and tweaks. Our users can now, for example, choose their monthly offset amount. Perhaps the biggest upgrade went to our carbon calculator, which we rolled out worldwide and expanded with 38 new questions, revealing your footprint in granular detail. And since Christmas, it’s available in German too! But these are only steps. In the background, we’ve also been preparing our big leap forward: Klima v2.

The next chapter

Based on our insights and feedback from last year, we’ve developed the trinity for effective climate action: offsetting, reducing, and multiplying — in that order. Firstly, offsetting via a monthly subscription has an instant and recurring effect. It immediately squashes your emissions to net zero, laying a clean foundation for a climate-friendly lifestyle. The science is clear. Studies (and our user data) prove that people financially invested in climate action tend to make greener decisions. 

Next, we want to help you in reducing your emissions, honestly and meaningfully. We’ll show you which decisions make the biggest difference. Fewer plastic bags, for example, are great — but insignificant compared to the emissions from your annual long-haul flight. Our 2022 update carries a redesigned Reduce tab, plumed with new features and even a dedicated video series. 

And finally: multiplying. Nobody can stop climate change alone. In 2022, we make it easy and rewarding to involve more people in the greatest cause of our time. Ultimately, any grassroots movement needs to trigger systemic change — and so our Multiply tab will become a base for political activism. More on that soon!

2022 Update Details


The Klima update, along with our new B2B program and a brand new website, will launch in April — just in time for Earth Month 2022. We can’t wait to see what you think!


Jonas Brandau
by Jonas Brandau
CPO & Co-Founder
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