Introducing Multiply: Let’s start a climate movement

Our newest feature turns your climate action into a mass movement — and shows you how it grows along the way.

What if you could inspire a groundswell of climate action by simply nudging a friend — and watch that movement grow in real time? Now you can, with Multiply, our biggest feature release yet.

Our first goal here at Klima was to build a tool that made carbon reduction and offsetting simple, effective, and enjoyable. That’s what the Klima app does today, but we aren’t stopping there.

From day one, people have asked us how they can do more for the climate with Klima. In response, we asked ourselves, what if anyone could 10X their impact at the tap of a button — without spending a cent more? That’s why we created Multiply.

Invite and inspire your friends to go carbon neutral.

Here’s how it works: When you sign up with Klima right now, you offset 100% of your carbon footprint. When you invite a friend and they do the same, that doubles your impact. That’s two footprints taken off the planet because of you.

When your friend invites a friend, that’s three footprints eliminated. And then that friend, who you may never have met, invites even more people to become carbon neutral, snowballing into a movement for the climate that started with a spark from you.

Until now, all of that was invisible to you. With Multiply, you can invite others directly from the app, and inspire them to join you on your carbon neutral journey.

Watch your collective impact grow.

Next up, your friends will be connected to you through the Klima app, showing the progress of your collective impact. You can watch the movement that you kicked off grow as your friends invite others, and those friends invite others, too.

We’ll show you the collective amount of CO2e you’ve taken out of the atmosphere, both through your direct offsetting subscription, and through all those you’ve inspired to join you.

Spark a climate movement right from your phone.

One of the most powerful things anyone can do for the planet is to encourage others to take climate action. After all, no one can solve climate change alone — it will take the efforts of all of us.

With Multiply, you can watch the results of your initial spark, and see the movement you’ve created grow all on its own. Over time, you’ll be surprised at how many carbon footprints you help eliminate — and at how powerful your initial spark becomes.

Ready to check it out? Head over to your Klima app (make sure it’s updated to the latest version) and tap on the Multiply tab. As always, you can share your feedback directly at Happy offsetting!

Brenna Foster
by Brenna Foster
Chief Comms
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