A first look at our Panama reforestation project

published Jun 09, 2020

Panama is where worlds collide. It serves as the meeting point between two vast oceans, two continents, and many of the species that call them home.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a hotspot of biodiversity. Just a few hours from Panama City grows a dense rainforest, where you can feel life all around you. Thick, layered moss, branches reaching high, an endless buzz and chirp: That’s the heart of our work in Panama. 

Panama is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.
Say hello to three of our new friends in Panama.

Today, Panama is home to animals found nowhere else. A rich forest canopy covers nearly half the country and supports a mind-boggling variety of life. From brown-throated sloths, to anteaters, to 900+ species of birds — Panama is full of animals and plants that humans are only beginning to discover. 

The bad news? Those rainforests have been disappearing. Nearly 50% of the tree cover has been destroyed, wiping out habitats and wild spaces. Worse, many of those trees were burned, releasing their carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and accelerating global warming. 

Your impact

This is where you come in. By joining Klima, you can help restore forests, protect vulnerable animals, and erase the need to slash and burn by creating sustainable jobs for the local community. 

It works like this: After calculating your carbon footprint, Klima lets you choose how to offset your emissions. Planting forests is a great choice. Trees suck up carbon dioxide, transforming it into bark, branches, and leaves — and new homes for animals who have lost their habitats. 

In Panama, our local partners have 25 years of experience replanting trees on degraded land. By planting a wide variety of mixed tree species, they’re replenishing the country's rainforest canopy one sapling at a time, using a combination of smart agroforestry and conservation practices to ensure sustainability.

Why we chose this project

A true pioneer, the Panama reforestation project was the first Gold Standard-certified agroforestry program in the world. It’s seen great results, planting 7.5 million trees that have absorbed 525,000 tons of CO2 so far. Even better, those trees continue to grow into lush forests that keep packing away carbon each and every day.

Panama Statistics
A snapshot of the global and local project impact so far.

The project is spread over 50 locations across Panama. These growing forests create diverse habitats and wildlife corridors for endangered animals and provide jobs, education, and sustainable livelihoods for hundreds. This improves quality of life and ensures that the people closest to the work reap lasting benefits.

This powerful combination is what makes us proud to support our partners on the ground. They’ve demonstrated the power of offsets to not only remove harmful carbon from the atmosphere, but also to create a more just and equitable world.

How to get involved:

Stay tuned! This is only a glimpse at the exciting work our projects are doing that you can soon support through Klima.

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