Concentrated Solar Power

Farm Bokpoort, Northern Cape Province, South Africa


This award-winning project harvests sun energy through so-called solar-thermal technology, which stores energy as heat and can therefore produce consistent electricity even at night. A portion of the project is owned by the local community and funds different development and empowerment initiatives.

How it works

Burning fossil fuels releases prehistoric carbon back into our atmosphere, which is by far the biggest reason for our changing climate. Advancing solar power technology and innovation helps leave fossil fuels in the ground where they belong.

Concentrated solar-thermal power uses a set of parabolic mirrors to concentrate heat energy from the sun in one spot, where it’s absorbed by heat transfer fluid, pumped to a turbine, and converted into electricity. Different from photovoltaic, this process can store and release solar energy flexibly.

Why we chose it

We chose this project because it's a pioneer for green electricity in the region. In 2020, The Bokpoort Solar power plant broke the African record for round-the-clock renewable energy supply — with 13 days of continuous operation. It combines this cutting-edge technology with community development projects in education, self-sustainability, and wellbeing. This includes clean drinking water initiatives, apprenticeships, and educational programs.
Claire Mueller
Head of Finance

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90% of electricity fed into South Africa’s national grid is produced by coal-fired power plants. This creates massive CO2 emissions and air pollution. For a country that receives strong sunlight all year round, a transition to solar is crucial.
Farm Bokpoort, Northern Cape Province, South Africa
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Project nameBokpoort CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) Project, South Africa
Active since2016
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