Leading the Green Energy Revolution

Vietnam, Dak Lak Province


The Vietnam Solar Power Project drives sustainable development, green economic growth, and wellbeing in the country by expanding access to clean power. It cuts the country's reliance on carbon-heavy energy sources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, bringing Vietnam one step closer to its net zero targets.

How it works

Burning fossil fuels for energy production releases prehistoric carbon back into our atmosphere, which is by far the biggest reason for our changing climate. Rapidly replacing fossil fuels with solar and other green power generation is crucial to keeping that carbon in the ground. Thanks to 151,500 solar panels that introduce 75,000 MWh of clean energy into the national grid, this project decreases Vietnam's reliance on fossil fuels and keeps over 64,000 tons of CO2e from entering the atmosphere annually.

Why we chose it

We chose this project because of its transformational power in the region. Vietnam is still battling with a rising demand for coal power year on year. However, projects like this are working to reverse the trend and are ushering in a new paradigm that has turned the country into a regional leader for clean energy transition in South-East Asia. The plant in Dak Lak doesn't only expand access to renewable power, it also provides technical training and creates future-proof jobs with above average salaries.
Claire Mueller
Head of Finance

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In the last five years, the share of electricity generated by solar power in Vietnam increased from almost zero to nearly 11% — an amazing accomplishment. The country is quickly becoming one the world’s largest producers of solar power and has vowed to go net zero by 2050. But in order to achieve this goal, coal must be rapidly phased out, which is why projects like this are so important.
Vietnam, Dak Lak Province
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Project nameSrepok 1 solar power project
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