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Want to know what’s on the Klima roadmap? Jonas Brandau, CPO and Co-Founder, gives a look behind the scenes at what we’re building next.

Hi there! I’m Jonas Brandau and I'm the Chief Product Officer and a co-founder here at Klima. I've been designing mobile products for the last decade and couldn't be more excited to focus my passion on this meaningful and important cause.

When we launched Klima in December after over a year of development, we were excited to see what the world would think. We’d had a successful and informative beta launch, but this was the first time that Klima would be available to the public. 

The good news: We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback. People love the way the app looks and feels and many told us that they’d been waiting for ages for a climate solution like this.

Even better, our members have tons of ideas for improvements and features, like more carbon calculator options, more transparency, and better guidance on how to reduce their footprints.

You know what they say: "If you're not ashamed of your first release, you launched too late." In that spirit I can tell you that this is only the beginning. Today, I’d love to show you what’s next on our product roadmap. Let’s dive in!

More carbon calculator depth

We built the first version of Klima's carbon calculator following the Pareto principle: What are the 20% of questions that lead you to an 80% accurate result?

That's why right now we’re focusing on the big questions that determine most of your carbon footprint. Questions like: how much do you fly? Do you own a car? What do you eat? This means we can create a pretty accurate estimate of your carbon footprint without you spending hours on a questionnaire. 

While this is a great approach for most people, some want to go deeper and be even more precise. They want to share their heating type, their streaming behaviour, more details about their energy usage and lifestyle. For these members we’re currently working on our second version of the Klima carbon calculator. Developed in collaboration with Swiss-based ESU Services, the team behind the WWF carbon calculator, our new tool will maintain its simplicity, but offer options to answer many more questions for those that want it. 

Our carbon calculator

Full offset plan flexibility

Currently Klima offers just one plan: to offset 100% of your carbon footprint. But we know that many members want to do more. They want to round up their monthly contributions, offset a custom amount, double their footprint, or even offset their entire family. For these members we will soon launch a completely reworked offset plan menu, including the option to change your plan at any moment.

Personalize your offset plan

Maximum transparency

Here's the thing: Every decision we make here at Klima serves our one big goal: to get as much CO2e out of the atmosphere as quickly as we can. And while I couldn't be more proud of our quality climate projects, our high-impact approach, and the inclusive workplace we’ve created, we don’t talk about these things enough. That’s why a huge focus for the future is increased transparency. 

In concrete terms, that means you'll soon be able to see monthly offset reports in your app as well as our company's public carbon credit ledger as proof of your offsets actually happening. We'll also add much more information and clarity to the onboarding flow for new members, and share more updates and insights on our blog and newsletter.

We strive to be fully transparent with you

Highlighting your achievements

Your offsets have a big impact, and that’s something to celebrate. That’s why we’re bringing achievements to Klima. In the future, everytime you open your Klima app, you will find an acknowledgement of all you’ve accomplished. Klima will applaud you on your first little forest, your first carbon neutral week, or your last climate-healthy lifestyle choice. If you're into notifications you can enable those too, so you don't miss the party.

You can track your achievements over time

More payment options

Last but not least, a heavily requested feature from our members: We're happy to say that we're bringing Google Pay to Android as well as PayPal to both platforms in the near future. Why haven't we done it yet? Because custom payment systems are complex. And when it comes to your money, we’ll always ensure we’re only implementing the highest-quality code. 

You can choose among several payment methods

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have a gigantic product roadmap to prioritize, full of hundreds of ideas, features, and updates. 

I'll be sharing more about our next steps in the future. Until then, I want to thank all of you for being a part of this, and give a special thanks to the hundreds of members who reached out to share their thoughts and feedback. It’s so exciting to see how ya'll think about this app in such great detail. Our roadmap is already heavily influenced by all you share. 

Remember, if you have any product related questions you can always reach me at jonas@klima.com or our Product Manager Rosa Verity at rosa@klima.com 


Jonas & the Klima Product Team

Jonas Brandau
by Jonas Brandau
CPO & Co-Founder
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