It's time for bold climate action: Go carbon neutral with Klima today

Today marks a new beginning for climate action. After over a year of development and months of beta testing, we’re ready to share Klima with the world. Now everyone can join the mass movement for carbon neutrality by offsetting their carbon footprints from the palm of their hand.

We believe that everyone has the power to help the climate, they just need the tools to make it possible. That’s why we’re proud to announce the launch of Klima, our groundbreaking climate app, on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

The future of our world is in our hands — and we can choose a bright one. After decades of climate inaction and disinformation, it’s time to pull every lever we can, and quickly, in order to stop climate change and protect our planet.

It’s time to choose bold climate action. We built Klima to make that choice simple, by putting immediate, effective solutions in the palm of your hand. Now everyone can sustainably and easily go carbon neutral and offset their footprint at the touch of a button. 

How does it work? 

If you’re new to Klima, let us show you around. And if you’ve been a part of this community for a while (hi beta testers!) we can’t thank you enough for your early support. Your feedback, insights, and ideas were crucial as we worked to polish and craft Klima for launch.


Your personal carbon footprint

We built a data-backed carbon calculator to bring transparency to your annual CO2e output. You can answer a few quick questions to discover where you’re blowing your carbon budget, and where you’re living climate clean. You’ll get deeper insight into how your emissions stack up against your country’s average, and see where you can improve.


Offset at the touch of a button

You can choose how to offset your carbon footprint by supporting natural, technological, or social solutions. These science-backed climate projects remove or prevent the same emissions elsewhere — and every project is verified at the highest level.  


Your transparent impact tracker

With Klima, you never have to wonder if you’re making a difference. You can track the number of trees you’ve planted, amount of solar power you’ve generated, and number of climate-healthy meals you’ve enabled all in one place. See your impact grow, celebrate your milestones, and share your progress with friends, right in the app. 


Your climate checklist 

Climate action doesn’t stop at offsetting. We’ll share personalized tips and ideas for how to cut your footprint over time, based on your lifestyle and choices. As you check items off the list, you’ll shrink your carbon footprint, and you can switch to a lower offsetting subscription, saving money and helping the climate! It’s a win-win. 

What’s next 

After a quick launch celebration over Zoom (and a nap), we’ll be back at it, making the world’s best offsetting app even better. We have big plans to neutralize millions of tons of CO2e, create opportunity and innovation along the way, and build an unstoppable mass movement for the climate.

Because this problem is too big for one person to solve — and we don’t have much time left to solve it. With Klima, climate inaction can end, and bold climate action can begin, for everyone, at the touch of a button. 

Klima launches in 18 countries today. Download now from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Take climate action with Klima

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