You asked, we answered: The top 10 most common questions from the Klima community

Since launching in December 2020, we’ve heard from hundreds of Klima members with smart, thoughtful, and clever questions. Today, we’re sharing our answers with everyone.

At Klima, transparency is central to our mission. That’s why our team spends hours each week speaking with our members, responding to emails, and answering questions on our social media channels. 

But we know not everyone has the time or inclination to reach out. So, today we’re sharing our most commonly asked questions here on our blog. Read on, and remember, you can always reach us at with your burning thoughts, comments, or even compliments. We love to chat :) 

1. How can I change my payment method? 

We had always planned to implement this feature, and it’s now live! In the first month after launch, so many of you wrote to us asking how to change your payment method that we bumped it up on our to-do list. It's now available with version 1.1.7 on iOS and 1.1.3 on Android. Just head over to Settings > Subscription and click on your card number at the bottom of that screen to get started.

2. Can I recalculate my footprint? 

This feature is hot off the press for iOS and coming soon to Android! Make sure you've got version 1.1.8 or above on iOS then head over to the Footprint tab. To the top right of your footprint you will see three dots which will send you back through the Carbon Calculator. Once you've recalculated your footprint you can change your subscription amount to match.

3. Will you introduce more detail in the Carbon Calculator?

Our Carbon Calculator is a careful balance of accuracy and simplicity: We want to give you an accurate estimate of your footprint, without asking you to invest hours of your time answering complicated questions. 

We’ve carefully crafted our current set of questions to gather the specific information that most impacts your carbon footprint. There are many more questions we could ask, but it's likely that the answers to those questions don't actually impact your footprint as much you might think. 

We’re also conservative with our estimates because we want to ensure you’re offsetting your entire footprint. That said, we’re looking into adding questions for all of you keen recyclers and composters out there, to make sure we’re capturing the results of your efforts.

4. What’s the price per ton of CO2e you offer? 

Our offsets are priced at 10€ per ton. 

5. Why aren’t you a non-profit?

We’ve set up Klima in a way to optimize for maximum impact by combining purpose with scale. Our goal is to take as much CO2e out of the atmosphere as quickly as possible. Being a company means we can grow quicker, attract great talent, and support climate projects more efficiently.

6. Will you introduce more payment methods, like Paypal? 

We’ll definitely add more payment options soon. Google Pay should launch early 2021 and PayPal is on the roadmap. Since we're a quite small team, these things take a bit of time, and building payment options is particularly complex.

7. Will Klima be available in more countries?

We want to share Klima with the world! Right now we’re not available internationally (yet) because our carbon calculator needs to be adjusted and optimized for each country. Economic, cultural, and regional differences lead to different baseline carbon footprints for each country. But stay tuned — we are definitely adding more countries in the future.

8. Will you offer carbon capture (aka direct air capture) as an offsetting option? 

Unfortunately direct air capture (DAC) is still pretty inefficient and therefore expensive. Offsetting an average carbon footprint using DAC would cost hundreds of euros a month which most people can’t afford, as compared to ~10€ with Klima’s current projects.

We’ll definitely keep an eye out as the technology is evolving and would love to be able to include it in the future.

9. Do Apple and Google get a 30% cut of your revenue?

Apple and Google typically charge a fee for app businesses offered on their platform. But not with Klima. Neither Apple nor Google are taking a cut of your subscription. That’s because carbon offsetting is considered a "real-life service" and unlike "digital goods" is not affected by their platform fees. The tradeoff is that we had to build a custom payment system, which our tech team is mighty proud of

10. Can I pay more or do more?

What a nice question! We’re currently working on a feature that allows our members to offset more CO2e than they would need in order to be carbon neutral. You can then round up to the next full amount, offset twice your footprint, or even set up a custom amount. We’ll share this feature in our newsletter and on our social channels when it’s available. 

Thanks to everyone who reached out with these thoughtful questions since launch. Your feedback and kind words are much appreciated as we work to push our app even further.  

If you aren’t a Klima member yet, consider downloading the app today and taking three minutes to offset your carbon footprint. We hope to see you there! 

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