Nature, Tech, Social: Three unbeatable climate solutions

A holistic climate strategy includes natural, technological, and social solutions. Let’s revive our ecosystems, push green innovation, and benefit communities.

Here’s a little secret: We know how to stop the climate crisis. Brilliant humans across the globe have already developed many, many effective, proven solutions to reduce emissions and even take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. But they can’t do it without support.

So, what solutions are best and which should you get behind? We’ve structured our climate action strategy around the three most crucial impact areas we’ll need to take on: Nature, Tech, and Social.

Let’s dive right in and learn why we can’t solve climate change without them.

Nature: The mother of carbon capture technology

In order to avert climate catastrophe, research shows we must take CO2 out of the atmosphere. Inventors around the world are working on big machines to suck carbon out of the air and capture it underground. Meanwhile, nature already built those machines for us: They’re called trees.

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Nature’s ability to regulate CO2 levels is part of what allowed human life to thrive in the first place. Disregarding our dependence on it, and overstepping our right to take without giving back, is one of the biggest driving factors of the crisis we’re facing.

Need proof? Tropical deforestation alone is responsible for 8% of all human-caused CO2 emissions. That’s more than the entire European Union. While that number may sound discouraging at first, it also shows us how incredibly powerful nature can be if we work with it, instead of against it.

Klima does exactly that, through tropical tree planting and conservation programs in Panama, and Tanzania. Why here? Because trees in tropical regions eat CO2 for breakfast (and lunch and dinner). They grow much faster than in other parts of the world, which means they’re most effective in storing carbon dioxide to build branches, bark, and leaves. All while providing habitats for a massive variety of wildlife, and improving ecosystem resilience.

Tech: Renewable energy keeps carbon in the ground

While we revive nature and draw carbon out of the atmosphere, it becomes even more obvious that we need to stop emitting it in the first place. In other words, we need to decarbonize. That’s where technology comes in.

Let’s face it, our fossil fuel-based system needs an upgrade. Combustion engines and coal plants have been around for 150 odd years, and their time has come. Instead of continuing to pollute the air until we run out of dead dinosaurs to burn, let’s go all-in on renewable technology now. Let’s leave remaining fossils in the ground and save our planet in the process. Sounds simple enough, right? After all, we know how to do it. So why not just, you know, actually do it?

The hold-up on shifting to renewables quickly is manyfold and often political. But sometimes, all that’s missing is a little support. Especially for projects where access to know-how, efficient engineering, or funding are the bottlenecks blocking a transformation to renewable tech.

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Two great examples of this are the solar power plants in South Africa and Mauritania that we support. Both countries are blessed with an abundance of sunlight and now can harness it with the help of offset financing. That means we’re leaving coal in the ground where it belongs and expanding innovation that will fuel more green tech developments in the future.

Social: Improving lives while saving our earth

The third element of any holistic climate change strategy is humanity itself. Global warming will hit the most vulnerable regions the hardest. And any action we take will inevitably have side effects, either helping or harming local communities. It’s up to us to choose climate action that benefits disadvantaged populations and improves people’s lives.

That’s why we only support projects that contribute to climate justice by benefiting their local communities. That means when you offset with Klima, you also help build schools, improve sanitation, and provide jobs. You protect thriving ecosystems and build stronger economies.

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One example: Nearly 40% percent of the world still cooks their meals on open fires. In places like Ghana, that number is closer to 80%. That means not only more forests chopped down for firewood but also more toxic fumes in people's homes — causing 18,000 premature deaths each year.

In Ghana, we work with local partners to build and deliver clean cookstoves that reduce air pollution and keep trees standing. Smart projects like these allow us to reduce emissions and save lives.

Over to you

Oh, and don’t forget: There’s one final component that makes all of this work. It’s you.

If you’ve been wanting to take climate action but didn’t know where to start, then start here. By restoring nature, fuelling green tech, and creating social impact, Klima makes sure you’ll fund the most effective climate projects out there when eliminating your carbon footprint.

Ready to do your part for the climate and support our amazing projects? Then jump on board and download Klima from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today!

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by Brenna Foster
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