What should I do if the app freezes or doesn’t work properly

We all hate when technology doesn’t do what it should. Crashes or freezes can be due to multiple issues. Luckily, most of the time they can be fixed with some very simple steps. Please try the following first:

- Check your internet connection.

- Force-quit and re-open the app. This often solves the issue.

- Make sure you have the most recent update of the app and your operating system installed.

- Restart your device.

If none of this works, please help us fix the problem by reporting your issue. Just go to Settings and tap “report a bug” Alternatively, you can write us directly to Please include the following information:

- What phone model and OS version did you use when the problem occurred?

- How were you using the app when you received the error?

- Please include screenshots if possible.

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