Reviving Mangrove Coastlines



Madagascar is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, but only 10% of its original forests are standing. This project helps plant thousands of mangrove seedlings on degraded coastlines. These super trees capture CO2, hold soil in place, provide homes for wildlife, and lock carbon deep under the shoreline for centuries.

The project in numbers

  • 360
    million trees planted
  • 4
    million workdays created
  • 200k
    unique wildlife species
  • 30+
    project locations
  • 2
    national park partnerships

Why did we choose this project?

We chose this project because it was too vital to pass up. Mangroves are sometimes called supertrees, because of the sheer amount of carbon they can lock underground. Their branching roots stretch deep underwater, promoting marine biodiversity and trapping carbon in “blue sinks”.

This is a special project for us at Klima. These trees aren’t certified for carbon offsetting, and because we take verification seriously, we don’t count them towards your overall carbon counter. But we plant them nonetheless — to support crucial marine ecosystem restoration and to add an extra level of impact to every certified ton of carbon you reduce when planting trees with Klima.


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Ecological benefits

  • Contributes to marine biodiversity
  • Reduces coastline erosion
  • Revives the natural habitat for endangered and endemic animals
  • Restores ecologically devastated mangrove estuaries

Social benefits

  • Alleviates poverty by offering jobs to the poorest members of the local community
  • Empowers women with close to 50% female workforce
  • Promotes inclusive and sustainable economic growth