Clean Cook Stoves for Ghana



The Ghana Clean Cook Stove project protects trees and saves lives. It was developed in partnership with local chefs and home cooks and uses 60% less fuel, which means families save time, money, and trees. The stoves also burn clean — keeping toxic fumes out of homes and protecting people from illness and disease.


Gold Standard

The project in numbers

  • 780
    jobs created
  • 4
    million tons of CO2e saved
  • 50
    % less fuel used
  • 165
    million dollars saved

Why did we choose this project?

This project is sparking a climate revolution in kitchens across Ghana. Here, most people cook using inefficient charcoal pots or open flames. Cooking takes longer, toxic smoke fills kitchens, and trees are chopped down to become fuel. 

This is bad for families and forests: 18,000 premature deaths are attributed to household air pollution each year and Ghana’s forests are disappearing faster than any other country in the world. The clean cook stoves can change that: They burn bright and hot, use less than half the fuel, keep smoke out of kitchens, and protect forests.


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Ecological benefits

  • Reduces firewood and charcoal consumption
  • Protects the dwindling forests in Ghana
  • Reduces health hazards caused by air pollution

Social benefits

  • Supports disadvantaged households and small businesses
  • Supports local families financially by saving money on firewood
  • Provides employment for 780 people
  • Brings in sustainable income for the local communities
  • Skills training for workers

Additional resources

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