Why we invest in collective impact

To stop climate change we need to get as many people involved as fast as possible. Klima’s vision is to turn carbon neutrality into a mass movement and inspire millions to take measurable, effective climate action. Here’s how we’ll do it.

We have just nine years to cut global emissions in half if we want to prevent runaway climate change. Every climate strategy needs to be evaluated against that goal. The question is, how can we contribute in a meaningful way within the short time frame at hand? Our answer: turn carbon neutrality into a mass movement.

Going beyond the individual

At Klima, we believe in the power of the individual. That’s why we help you neutralize your footprint immediately and sustainably through offsetting and reducing personal emissions. But if we stop here, we fail to address the systemic aspect of the climate crisis. It’s not something any of us can solve for ourselves. There are no island solutions. We either succeed together or we fail.

That’s why we put collective impact at the core of Klima. Your monthly plan doesn’t only cover your individual offsets, it also helps reach others through online campaigns that get more people involved and multiply your impact manyfold.

Advertising for climate action

Some offset organisations pride themselves on spending little or nothing on marketing. That’s not our model. We believe the time in which we could afford not to advertise for climate action is over. It’s time to set ambitious goals, take pride in how many people we can reach and how much impact that creates.

That’s why we invest 20% of our total funds into impact marketing: ads and outreach campaigns that reach beyond the usual climate bubble and inspire millions to take measurable, effective climate action. These funds apply the most effective marketing solutions capitalism has developed and turn them towards healing the planet — instead of destroying it. Here’s why that’s a game changer:

A multiple on effectiveness

Every dollar invested in reaching more people will have an estimated 6x carbon reduction effect over 5 years, compared to a dollar spent directly on offsetting. That’s because every new user you reach doubles your own CO2e reduction on average. If we all contribute a little towards building something bigger, our collective impact will far outpace our individual ones — because we are many.

Green is impact from direct offsets, blue is impact from impact marketing.

Building long-term solutions 

The best part? Investing in impact marketing means more money goes towards climate projects in the long term, multiplying social and ecological benefits on the ground. In fact, offsetting initiatives have often pointed out their struggle to reach end buyers, which limits the potential they’d otherwise have. Even though demand for offsets is rising, we’re nowhere near the impact that could be created.

Affordable pricing

Does this make Klima more expensive than others? Hardly. Consumer prices for quality carbon offsets are typically in the range of around 8 to 28 dollars per ton, depending on an individual project’s type, efficiency and additional benefits.

With 13 dollars per ton we have worked hard to stay in the lower part of that spectrum, achieving a price that's affordable to many while making sure that quality is high and part of a holistic project strategy. We do that through a comprehensive due diligence process and by buying in bulk, which allows projects to plan more efficiently, resulting in a better price.

Impact through inclusivity

Achieving maximum impact also means that we don’t want to exclude anyone for financial reasons. So if this is too much for you, write us an email at plan@klima.com and we’ll provide you with a reduced custom plan, excluding both the 20% impact marketing contribution as well as our 10% service fee, meaning 100% goes towards buying offsets.

An unstoppable movement

Klima was founded with one goal: unleash the potential of individual climate action at scale. Yes, that is mighty ambitious. But as anyone who kept up with climate news will know, we need all the ambition we can get. We know that with the right tools and strategies, we can build an unstoppable, self-growing movement that has the chance to reach the scale needed to reduce CO2e levels significantly. And as a global carbon neutral community, we’ll change hearts and minds along the way.

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Markus Gilles
by Markus Gilles
CEO & Co-Founder
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